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Welcome to the Girls of Floppicat Ragdolls:

This is Princess, the very first Ragdoll at Floppicat.    

"The Princess" is a Blue Colorpoint Ragdoll.

(now 13 years young)


*TICA Triple Grand Champion *

BellaPalazzo Dorianne of Floppicat

"Dori" is a Blue Point Bicolor.


*TICA Champion*

Floppicat Larissa

She is a Blue Point Bicolor, daughter of Ch Dempsey and Bonny Blue.  

Floppicat Tessa Too 

Tessa is a Seal Point Mitted, daughter of Ch Royal Contessa and Joey Gee.  

At 6 months




Emberhearth Bonny Blue of Floppicat 

   "Bonny" is a Blue Point Mitted.  




BellaPalazzo Elle of Floppicat

"Elle" is a Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll.



Cuddleme Roxi of Floppicat

"Roxi" is a Seal Point Mitted. 



Floppicat CoCo Latte

"CoCo" is a Seal Point Mitted.






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Floppicat Ragdolls

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